Environmental Policy

At White Hart Press we prioritise in energy conservation, minimising of waste and the recycling of all our papers. We offer a large range of both earth-friendly and totally recycled papers. We always attempt to select products that are environmentally benign or have environmental advantages over standard printers’ supplies. We continuously work towards reducing our impact on the environment.

Green issues such as global warming, depletion of the rain forests, and other problems are causing growing concern about the environment. As a result, consumers and businesses around the world are becoming acutely aware of the need to take steps to help sustain our planet and its resources. We are happy to discuss your specifications to help support your own environmental policy needs.

Paper with recycled content contains a percentage of post-consumer recycled fibre, pre-consumer recycled fibre, or both. Post-consumer fibre comes from consumer waste paper that's been recovered through the recycling process (e.g. old magazines, discarded mail). Pre-consumer waste consists of paper mill scraps, envelope trimmings, and other paper recovered from the manufacturing process. In North America for example, 10 percent post-consumer fibre is the standard reclaimed fibre content for papers that can claim recycled content. Paper with high recycled content uses less virgin pulp in its manufacture.

Using paper with a high percentage of recycled content might seem like the easiest way to assure that you’re selecting earth-friendly papers. However, you need to take other factors into consideration. Some papers contain fibre that has been bleached and de-inked. This process, which is necessary to make post-consumer scrap comparable to virgin pulp, can be just as harmful to the environment as deforestation. If you're seeking the most environmentally sound commercial printing paper available, a totally recycled paper that’s chlorine free (meaning it hasn’t gone through the de-inking or bleaching process) is probably your best choice.

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